Training Manager 2012 Standard

Training Manager 2012 Standard 1.0

A sofware for tracking completed employee training and training requirements

Training Manager is an easy-to-use Windows application for tracking completed employee training and training requirements. The interface provides a familiar "Microsoft Office" look-and-feel that many users are already comfortable with. Training Manager provides a central repository for storing and retrieving your training records, allowing you to quickly provide transcripts and training compliance reports for individuals, groups, or your entire company without searching through spreadsheets and paperwork. Training manager is designed to work "out of the box" with very little configuration required.
Training Record Administrators define Assignments (Required Training) based on Job Role, Group, or Individual. New personnel entered into the system automatically inherit the training requirements for the Job Role and Group which they belong to, eliminating the need to manage training requirements for each individual.
Training Manager compares the Training Assignments to the Training Transcript to produce a Training Status Report. This report allows Managers to quickly assess the training compliance for individuals, groups, or the entire company.

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